TAP Membership FAQ

For issues or suggestions please email info@betterRival.com

First Time Login

Your user is your poolnetstatistics.com user (usually your member ID).

Your initial password is your the password associated with it on poolnetstatistics.com.

If you do not know your password but you know the user and email associated with the account you can click on the Forgot Password link. Fill in the information and the password will be reset and sent to you.

If you do not know the user and email associated with your account, please contact your licensee for assistance.

On first login you will be asked to change your password. This password change will ONLY affect the TAP Membership app and will not change your password on poolnetstatistics.com

Profile Page

When you login you will be taken to your profile page. Here you can view posts of score sheets for all of the teams you play on, your individual stats, and teams you are associated with.

Posts: The posts are summaries of all score sheets for your teams. Click on the box for either team in a post to expand the matches. Click on any match to get detailed information.

Stats: View a graph of match types you have played as well as a summary of your overall stats. Click on the Scout button for more detailed information and charts.

Teams: A list of your current teams.

Other Profiles

You can click on any licensee, division, team, or member to open up their individual profile page. If you can't find who you're looking for click on the magnifying glass in the header to search for any licensee or member (team and division searcher are not available due to the non-uniqueness of their names)

Following a Profile: Click on the bookmark button in the profile to follow it. You can click on the bookmark icon in the header to quickly navigate to any profile you have followed.

Live Scoring

Click on the + in the header to begin a live match. Select the division and teams (you must be an active member of at least one of the teams to begin a match) and click save to begin the match. All members of each team will get a LIVE button in the header of their application to notify them that a match has begun. Clicking on that button will take them to the match where they can score the match or just observe. Click on the ? button in the scoring module for more detailed information on live scoring.

Application Updates

Application updates are handled when the application is running. If an update occurs you will see a notifier that the update is being downloaded. Once the download is complete a second notification will ask you to restart the application to load the update. Application updates should take less than a minute, but it is possible that they will take longer based on your internet connection and device.